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    I have a 5'10 steve seebold shaped swallow tail.. it catches any friggen small mush, and up to head high barrels. Really my favorite board ever. bought it used for $70. Its a beater.. shore break.. no prob. Im not scared if it gets a buckle so i can just throw anuthing at it...and I rip it more than my new ci's and things.

    Its that board that stays in my truck... for wherever im on the job and i find any surf.

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    7' Rawson hyper classic, once in a blue moon but if Im riding it its goin off!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodVibes View Post
    Wheres the Jeep?????
    getting ready to hand it off to my son. looking at 4 door JKs now for a new project vehicle. as a side note for the enviros of the board, the TJ gets 8 mpg and I'm hoping for 12 with the JK so I'm doing my part

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbyg View Post
    6'0 wrv performance fish shaped by Redman. I will never ever let this board die
    Redman...great I wish he was still around. I had a Hotline and a WRV shaped by him. Best 2 boards I ever had.

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    ANything wiast to head high I guess I would have to say my 5'-5" x 19 1/4" x 2 3/8" Tommy Moore Round Nose Fish, its more like a performance shortboard than a fish , low rails, foiled out perfectly, it loves to be ridden on rail, and i love to provide that for her!
    Anything waist and under my Tommy Moore Slop Rod 5'-6" x 21" x 2- 3/8" EPS Quad. THIng absouletly flies and even though she is wide the bump wings reduce that rounded diamond tail and all the Vee in the tail she will turn on a dime in the small slop