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    Sunday at Smith's

    Yesterday at Smith's Point was awesome: oil-slick glassy surface, waist to chest high swells at the outside break, a rideable mid-break, and an inside break that didn't pile drive you into the sand on every wave. Been waiting all summer for a day like that. Keep 'em coming!

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    I feel like crap for missing that awesome day just because I was feeling really tire that morning. When will we get swell that good again!!!!!

    If it's one thing I hate about surfing, it's waiting for good swell. I wait sooooo long!!!!!

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    you and 30+ of your best friends....

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    Hey, not sure if you're talking here about off the pavilion beach or the 4x4 area. I didn't buy the Suffolk Outerbeach driving permit this year figuring the beach was so eroded it was probably not too much access anyway. I live in Town of Babylon so surf mainly local beaches there with the occassional run to Montauk.

    But getting quite tired of NYS's 4x4 permit for Fishing Only. Discrimination or what?

    Can anyone let me know about the driving beach conditions at Smitty's? And Flies?


    btw, Sunday was a good day as was 7AM Monday in the Fog!!

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