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    I am lost...I though gruvi got banned...anyway to re-ban?

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    FLA rocks! Nov. '06, the week of Thaksgiving, my friend and I drove down, stayed at our friends house in Winter Park, and drove down A1A from Cocoa to West Palm and hit up every spot along the way. Stayed in West Palm for a couple days. There were guys running around saying it was the best swell they'd seen in 10 years...haha. Still can't believe how lucky we got with lining the trip up. Hell of a roadtrip!

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    I usually surf the pier but from what ive heard fromk friends huguenot is a pretty decent place, and yes jax has nice surf, always 1-2 ft or more, haha gets real nice during storm swells

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wallofwhitewater View Post
    thanks, and jax beach is where im at
    Dave Hart?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gruvi View Post
    Hi Admin. Truly, I am never thinking of the "count" of posts I make. I am sorry if they are getting to add up and annoy anyone else involved in this forum, so I will back off and not post. However, with this being stated, why can't I join in the fun too? I read a lot of simple one liners in threads that have no bearing on topic and I don't see that member being admonished publicly like I have been already. Peace
    everyone gets their a s s handed to them, groov, so dont worry. topics run off every time and new folk seem to get it the worst if they say something that others dont wanna hear or that aint cool so joke em if they cant take a fvck. you just are an easy target

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    I think Gruvi is a hardcore yuppie. and rocks hollister