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    Ophelia pic, sunday.

    Super fun.

    More from Ophelia @

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    Ophelia was epic

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    Ophelia was epic

    Were you south of the inlet? That looks considerably bigger than where I was in town. It was 2-3 feet over head on the bigger sets, probably head high on the smaller ones.

    I figured there must have been some absolute bombs roll through south of the inlet. I'm not mad though I got one of the longest best barrels of my life on Sunday.

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    north, believe it or not.
    i stayed in one general area sunday but a friend said the farther south he went the worse off it seemed

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    We had a couple of small ones in OCMD on Sunday.

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    jerz got absolutely skunked by this one. a few chest or shoulder sets but block long closeouts with ****ty south wind. bumnmmmmmmer

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    sunday afternoon, maryland. mellow and about shoulder high - HH on sets

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    DAMN. yall are lucky. vb got waist to chest.... where is this jersey? ny?