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Thread: Ophelia is back

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    Bigger than expected yesterday, but clean (at least in the AM).

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    Quote Originally Posted by idsmashh View Post
    its always crowded if its the spot I think your talking about..
    It might be the same spot- regardless, its always crowded.... you know it!

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    Did anyone score in monmouth county today? I saw Eastern Lines report said shoulder to head high but Belmar was more like waist with occ chest. I still had fun but was wondering if anyone scored any shoulder high waves in Monmouth County or did the canyon affect what we received from this swell?

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    look for the bigger waves this afternoon as lowtide approaches. It's high right now. I was just up there and it looked mushy. Should be better as the tide drops out as there's def. swell in the water. Wind was light onshore.

    The real question is did Ophelia really go from Florida coast to off our coast in 3 hours yesterday morning or is there something wrong with that track that is listed under the hurricane tab?
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    i was at the spot that rhymes with stove last was working, mostly waist high, some bigger and way cleaner than further south

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfdawave View Post
    i was at the spot that rhymes with stove last was working, mostly waist high, some bigger and way cleaner than further south

    yeah, i actually drove south to belmar looking for some size (which i found) but it was a big mess. s wind was blowing 20+ and it was like fighting a short period s wind swell mixed with the groundswell. who knows, you may have been surfing the windswell that was wrapping in

    edit: not very fun, knowing what you just said i would have stayed local
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    between work and family I haven't been able to really drive around and check that many spots, just the 3-4 towns nearest my home Sunday and Monday. I'm sure somebody's scorin' somewhere but my Monmouth County ass got some serious Ophelia skunk. Frustrating swell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Joyner View Post
    Fun day in OCMD yesterday...WOOT!
    Definitely...what a blast!

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    it was great on the south side of VB Beach, shoulder to head high and super clean. A bit weird in the morning with 48 degree air temps and 73 degree water

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    somewhere in nc