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    Thanks for the heads up. Yeah I can't even imagine what its going to be like to surf in 30 degree water. My mind can't comprehend it. I had a friend that Kayaked in the winter time and I thought he was crazy. That said, I'm stoked to try it.

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    It doesn't get to 30 here maybe 40 when a 50 degree sunny winter day comes you think your in the tropics.

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    My fish hybrid is my do all board and Costa Rica board. Its rides everything and every size and keeps me in the lip longer. Good choice!
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    Tom- As another who moved back from SD (OB Jetty was my home break), its a lot different out here. This summer I finally added a fish to my quiver and have been really pleased with it. Short & bouyant & gets up on plane quick.

    maybe we can trade stories about the right coast some day.