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Thread: Plastic Bottles

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    doody in the pool!!!!

    sadly, picked up an aerosol paint can and a plastic bag floating in the break today...and lotsa sh!t on the shore. it's like a boat exploded off catalina or somethin. unusual for our water.....

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    On my walk back to the car I pu anything within reach, some days need a zig zag because there's a ton. Then there's days you just have to put your gear down and do a whole mini beach clean up. Make whoever I'm with do it too, kids, wife, bros.

    Resets your Karma meter.

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    Good to hear I hate people who trash especially when driving behind them on the way down to the surf as they launch their f-ing big mac wrapper out the window. Should be locked up for 24 hours with pvjumper05 video playing on loop while pumping mushroom gas into the room!


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    My father and I lived in northern Japan (Misawa) when I was in high school in the mid 90's. We would beach-comb Japanese glass fishing floats and hunt for surf for hours..The amount of trash and debris on the beach was unbelievable..It was sad to see such an amazing place be so neglected...