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Thread: Night Surfing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty View Post
    Back in the day (mid seventies) when I was guarding in the state park at Assateague, Mike Macaboy (R.I.P) and I did some crazy sh*t , and we used to out on the island when the moon was full - from my experience as a young man, I wouldn't recommend it, but if you just HAD to do it, I would suggest: 1. only go out after 7-8 beers - you'll think about sharks, but you won't worry about sharks, and 2. go out WITH someone - Mike had a 1973-4 first generation twin fin that was painted like a "spin art" design, and it hummed or vibrated as it cruised through the water - swear to god - it was a loud kind of hum - so since his board made this loud noise, I always knew where he was after he took off, and I could keep an "ear" on him - how he kept track of me, I'm not sure, and I didn't think about it (7-8 or more beers, remember?), but I guess since we just kept laughing and hooting when we caught some decent waves, we watched out for each other. Amazing fun and sketchy at the same time - I don't know if I'd do it again (but who knows - I'm a lot older and wiser, but sometmes i just feel like I gotta go for for it) but anyway, if you're younger, and have some real cojones - it made for some amazing memories! Maybe it's good (for me) that Mike is no longer with us, cuz he talked me into doing some crazy stuff that might have gone too far! but, I do miss him!
    Awesome stories, thanks for sharing! That's awesome that you had an equally reckless buddy with whom to enjoy those times. I've been blessed with some great friends in surfing, but no one ever wants to go with me at night.

    On another note, what was Assateague like in the seventies? I was born in '82, so I pretty much don't have an memories of things any different than the present. Were the buildings all there, or was it more rugged? I would have loved to have seen the place (and OCMD, for that matter) way back, like 100 years ago, before all the buildings and concrete.

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    Yeah! I surfed Sandbridge pier some years ago at night with another surfer. We knew a wave was coming and how big by watching the seagulls floating on the water on the outside. A little spooky though and its hard to see the beach. But very fun!