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Thread: Night Surfing

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    I tried it out in HI when I was in my twenties.....very scary,... even in clear water......sunset is the dinner bell for the deep.

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    I would definetly not do it in HI, if anything the east coast where attacks are not the norm. But you all got balls, I will not be doing any of that.

    Closest I came to night surfing was night swimming in OC MD and that wasn't even comfortable. It was a warm night around 80 degrees and the water was super warm around 75 or so. I was standing in about waist high of water and had put my hand straight down into the water and it felt like my enter palm got pricked. I had a circle/jaw shape of cuts on my hand, which did draw blood, when I pulled it out. Not sure how it happened, whether it was a fish, probably not a shark, or a plank of wood (which I did not see any objects floating around. Either way it was spooky

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    I do it fairly frequently in late summer and fall. You just need a clear night with a good moon as said before. I've found that boardwalk lights don't work so well because when you surf the wave you face the lights and it kills your night-vision, then you turn around into the dark and you can't see the waves coming at you anymore.

    Remember that your peripheral vision can see much, much better in the dark!

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    yup i did it in pier village in the beginning of august. went out at like 10 30-11 PM right behind the club near Sawa... idk the name. there are lights on the back of the club though. its soo sick, definitely say go for it. one of the best experiences of my life.

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    this summer me and my buddy stayed in until dark. it wasn't even that good or anything we just were having a super fun time and there was a good vibe among everyone. once the sun disappeared that vibe went from good to super creepy. i felt vulnerable and bait fish were everywhere. once i get that weird vibe in the water i get out. i feel like its someone tryin to tell me something. better safe then sorry. Its kinda hard to pick up lady friends at the bar with your leg half gone.

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    When I was about 15, I surfed carova beach during a full moon and the bioluminescence was off the hook. Every time I paddled there was a neon green trail that lit up so it looked like a bright trail on each side of the board. So sweet especially with a fire on the beach. Never had that experience like that since then. Have surfed right when it gets dark at the pier but it is way to eerie out there cause you can barely see anything which means no one is gonna see yo ass if something happens. If you think it feels sharky at dawn or dusk, try surfing at night. Fruckin spooky!

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    1st street VB all the time in the summer and fall when I was in high school and college. But mine were the evening sessions and the sun went down but stay out for another hour kinda deal. If it is a clear moon lit night you can make out sets and the boardwalk lights up the inside. Not scary cuz its VB and chances are there are 3-5 people doing the exact same thing but sometimes I did it solo. No so sure I would do it anywhere else I have lived though.......

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    did in the summer under a full moon with a waist to chest high swell. pretty tough when you can't really see the in coming swell until its almost on top of you... def fun though

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    Yeah i only do it in the Winter, with a full suit on. feels more safe, than doing it in the summer when i no bigger fish are not around as much. to cold

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodVibes View Post
    About 4 years ago,my buddy and I were surfing are local break.We started surfing right before dark.The water was red.As it got dark out, my buddys riding one in and starts yelling.He thought something was Following him.The water was lighting up bright blue.It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen.As the waves were breaking it would light up.Even when you would move your arm a streak of bright blue would follow with a trail.There was a full moon which even made it more pronounced.It was actually about this time of year when it happened.
    I'm pretty sure it's a type of algae or something. I haven't been in the water when it was around but I was on the beach one night and every time I took a step the sand around my foot would light up. It was so cool lol