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MDSurfer... The last project in Long Branch, as described in that article, was an interesting experiment. I would post an eyes on report once a week for the duration of the project, telling exactly what I saw as the project went along, and even speaking to the guys doing the work on site. I put my reports up under my daily surf report, and absolutely "incensed" a few of the Surfrider guys because I told the TRUTH. When all was said and done, the project was not carried out as planned, and the results were never what they were hoped to be... a sand point break. Did it improve the wave that broke there? Sure... for a couple months. But to the credit of those who designed the project, at least it didn't totally destroy every break in town like other "straight line" projects had done. So in that sense ONLY, it was a success.
if they did every beach replenishment like that, i wouldn't mind. a sand point break would be sick. but they should at least do it right. they're complaining that the sand was being eroded faster than they could pump, but they're doing it in the middle of the winter season when ocean currents are strongest. it sounds like they did a half-ass job just to temporarily appease the surfers.

and as a far as ending beach replenishment altogether goes, i don't think people are doing enough to stop it. this point break idea is the closest anyone has come to an alternative, and when they do come with their pumps and dredges, everyone sits idly and watches it happen. we need to work together with surfrider and the ACOE to develop better alternatives instead of sticking with the same method of replenishing beaches that obviously doesn't work.