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    Do all of you do yoga at home?

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    After taking classes at a studio for a while I started practicing at home also. Having an instructor give you alignment tips helps makes sure you are doing poses correctly. Also there is a huge amount of videos on the web that can help. Jim

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    Way to fight JTS....keep fightin, never surrender.....congrats....very 41 now.....been surfing since i was 13.......Rabbit Kekai and "Da Beach Boys" in Waikiki.....I plan to surf till I cant which I hope never happens....

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    I'm 42 now, and I can't see myself calling it quits anytime soon. Especially now that my daughters have caught the surfing bug. Try to stay in decent cardio shape and play hoops a couple of times a week. May look into yoga as I definitely feel the aches and strains quite a bit more than I used to 20 yrs ago. The big thing for me now is trying to recognize my limitations, and not put myself in dangerous situations because of cramps, fatigue, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by super fish View Post
    Do all of you do yoga at home?
    yea from home. i learned from p90x. they have yoga dvd that is good.

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    I am 47, have bad knees, bad shoulder, and a neck that gets stuck till I pop it out. Been surfing since I was twelve. Most of the guys I surfed with either moved away, stopped surfing or got killed in Iraq. Oh buy the way good luck retiring by 52. I'm on my second career, and for me at least, just don't see it happening. I guess that's what I get choosing the path that I did. I don't rip, but I enjoy the he'll out of it, and definitely don't float around on a $1200 board. With youth comes arrogance. Used to look for the biggest nastiest day I could find. One I am quite content with head high and glassy.

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    Eating right, trying to stay in shape and getting regular checkups can help extend your surfing years but I also
    think a lot depends on attitude, determination and keeping an open mind.

    I'm 59 and although I've suffered some bad shoulder injuries because of my days in the martial arts, and that has limited my prone paddling, I still get out and surf with my SUP and my waveski on a regular basis.
    One of my surfing buddies is 58, has had two knee replacements and still surfs (SUP and waveski) and another is 62 and still charging it on his SUP and waveski.
    I just met a guy coming out of the water a couple weeks ago riding a paipo board in post hurricane surf, he was in his mid 60's and said he had to resort to surfing the paipo because of a hip replacement.

    The point is, surfing is not defined by equipment, surfing is the act of riding a wave. So if your interested in
    riding waves, baring a traumatic injury or illness you should still be able to get water time long after you retire.

    Just keep an open mind and enjoy the stoke.

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    i'm 40, and only been living at the shore for 10 years this spring so i'm just getting started i figure. first surfed in 1987 at 16, but started regularly in the early 90s. weekends pretty much then since i was living up in bergen county in north jersey. now i'm living my dream pretty much, and own a house within a 5 minute bike ride from the beach. i think i said on here last year i wanted to retire at 54 cause that's when my house will be paid off. i've eased back on that a little bit. my money won't be safe probably either. pretty soon it might not be worth anything. within the year after i'm married i plan on starting a 401k for myself or something. i'll be paying less in taxes too so i can use what i get on that. at 54 hopefully i'll have a protege that can take some of this workload off me, and teach the business too. i wanted to move to hawaii at that time, and go out of business, but i'm holding off on that. if money is worth anything at that time i would love to use some of what i got on a place out there, and still live out here full time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Westy View Post
    Yep, Bob's the man. And the rumor is that Dave moved to CR.
    I hope to follow in his footsteps. No wonder I haven't seen him around.