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    throw an air without stabbing myself

    title says it. im a little sketched out about going for airs cause im worried my board will flip and ill take a seat right on my fins.

    advice? opinions?

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    commit, your gonna take some slams either way.
    try to kick your board away if its aboutta slice you up

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    Try them in a wetsuit, neoprene will take the gash first.

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    youll be good, just go for it. stay compressed and comitted.

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    word thanks for the encouragement

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    your not doing it rightt. seems as though from your 1 sentence explaining your airs is that you lean back too much when you try an air, causing your board to come out over you and fly in the air. the key to airs is to not go for height, but go for length and keep your momentum, and stay over your board.