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    Bioluminescent Waves

    Check out the video. It's pretty awesome.

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    Never surfed in this stuff, but did encounter it swimming one very late summer night in North Wildwood. It is pretty amazing. This shows mostly blue colors, ours was green, and there was some deep tidal pools (flat calm) as well as bioluminescent surf too.

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    When I surfed in it it was Bright blue just like the vid.Funny when I first rolled up to the break the water was probably the reddest I've ever seen it.My buddys surfing already in it and he was having a blast.Took me a couple minutes to actually go in because of the redness.I don't know if theres any side effects from surfing in this stuff but I wouldn't want to swallow the water.It was the coolest thing I experienced in the ocean thou.

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    I had never heard about this before, and now that's the third time this week. Where can I get in on this on the east coast? I would def flush the sinuses real well after though.