hey guys

im a little new to the actual forum but just thought i'd post a quick question as i've been researching to help make a decision, just wanted some personal experience feedback. my sister is running a marathon in san francisco in 2 weeks and i am thinking of going out for a few days and checking it out. i know there are some quality surf spots in the area but was wondering if any of you guys had any on hand experience around the middle of october. i'd only be out for a few days so i don't want to waste too much time if its not worth going (or paying to bring boards). anyone got any good stories? or reasons to consider going elsewhere? (i have the week off so i'd like to get some kind of trip in). i'm not looking for names of spots or to blow up any secret spots, just a general idea of whether it is worth it.

also while i have your attention check out the company my two buddies and i have started: http://www.dontpanicapparel.com/ give us some feedback on your thoughts!!!

thanks for any help, it is appreciated