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    Anyone like to read????

    I've written a surf novel based on the North Shore of Oahu and am looking for someone FROM THERE (preferably knowledgeable about surfing) who likes to read, to read the whole book and point out any inconsistencies or anything I've gotten wrong. I'm not from Hawaii (although go there often) and although I've done EXTENSIVE research, I do not know EVERYTHING about the place. I just want to be sure nothing stands out as wrong for the area.

    THIS WOULD REALLY HELP ME. The book is in the final stages before being self published and listed for sale on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, etc. In return, I would mention your name in the front of the book and give you a printed copy. (Not that this is a big thing's just all I can offer at the time)

    Anyway..if you would help. Please email me at
    To check the book out, please go to

    Thanks so much!

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    love to read

    I'd love to help you out with this.... email me at

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    Does your lead character hail from Tempe, Arizona and is his name Rick by any chance?

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    I applaud your effort to write on the subject. Wish I could help, but I do not know anything about Hawaii. If I have a favorite author, it is Shelby Foote who wrote many novels, but is most well known for his Civil War series. If you have the time, Google Shelby Foote’s name & watch the video produced by CSAN Booknotes. They go to Shelby's home & he talks about your tradecraft and the Civil War. It's about 2.5 hours- He talks at length about the great writers, writing & reading. I have a great appreciation for anyone that writes well. Good luck with your book.