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Thread: A Senseless Act

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    Quote Originally Posted by njsurfer42 View Post
    this is the only interesting/worthwhile thread on the front page of the forum right now. way to go, ryan! good luck!
    I was thinking the same thing !!! GOOD LUCK BROTHER

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    Thank you,
    Awaiting response from Sea Shepherd to see if money raised can specifically go towards increasing their reward. They are currently offering $10,000 and the Humane Society is offering $2500. Figured its going to be sunny and warm on Sunday, and rather just sit here and say, "Ah that sucks for that whale", to actually try and do something about it, especially when it washes up close to home.

    If they say it can't go specifically towards the reward, the fact that they're offering $10,000 in the first place would still make me want to fundraise for their causes.

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    Thank you! Awesome, man! Good Luck!!!!!!!

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    if the whale was stranded and suffering then this is a humane act. I didn't get the details from that article.

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    What is the penalty for shooting and/or killing a whale?

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    this is all cute and all but i kinda wish people would be just as enthusiastic about other things too. like if a poor black man gets murdered no one gives a **** but when a whale is shot (which is wrong, yeah) everyone gets excited and wants to help out

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    you are correct. noone give a damn when a black man gets shot because theyre taking over the world. All they do is have illegitimate children whom they dont care for and cant financially support.

  8. This is going to go nowhere fast......

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    next time a black man gets shot youre saying we should do a paddleout? get the hell out of here

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    Getting back to the whale....
    Ryan, is there a PO Box or something we can send $$ too to Sea Shepard? I cannot find anything online. (Boss is looking over my shoulder right now...)

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