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    O' Neill Heat 5/3

    Anybody using the O'Neill Heat 5/3 wetsuit, recomendations or not -

    What do you think of the attached hood

    Thanks for a great web site

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    This will be my second year using the oneill heat 5:3 suit. I cant compare it to other suits as this was my first suit but it works well for me. seams have held up nicely and it is definitely comfortable in January-February waters.
    the hood is good. keeps a lot of water away from the ears and blocks the wind from making things worse. id recommend it

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    i have an xcel infinity 5.4.3 medium short if your interested. suit is in excellent condition just doesnt fit me. 200 takes it. let me know. for pics

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    i would recommend an Oneil mutant, i have a 5:4:3 because of the detachable hood. i got it last year and its amazing, always warm, keeps water out and obviously the best thing about it, is like right now, when its kinda cold but not enough for a hood, its perfect for. Only thing thats annoying is getting in and out because its zipper less

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    during thanksgiving last year, i bought a 4/3 chest zip hood quiksilver and a 6/5 chest zip hood quiksilver for $35 each at a surf shop in OC because they were floor models and no one would buy them. looking for the right one definatley pays seeing as i saved over 400$ for both