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    what about anywhere breaking right up against marsh or woods i wonder?...meaning with no beach but just breaking into wooded or marshy area.
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    Yes Sunday during Ophelia at Chincoteague. The waves were breaking off the end of fishermans point at the end of the Hook wrapping all the way around and... breaking in Chincoteague Inlet where the Sandbar Island used to be. The Sandbar during this past summer was host to many a party with bands and food. You had to take a boat to get to the island You could walk out into the inlet about 400 ft and catch nice size waves all over. Amazing.

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    Beef-Just wondering, have you surfed that wave in Assawoman Bay just south of the 50 Bridge? I've seen it looking pretty fun on occasion. Also, does anyone know if that spot has a proper name?

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    my buddy always tells me about a wave in montauk that wraps into the bay on a certain swell direction...