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    Water droplets...

    Hey does anyone know how to keep water droplets from staying on your camera/gopro lens when filming in the water? my newest video has them all over it and i dont know how to fix it
    tell me what you think will help

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    RainX works pretty well

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    no matter what you do or what you use, you will have droplets of some sort on the lense.
    I dont think rainx works well at all. However, the rainx anti fogging stuff works great for keeping the fogging of the lense from happening.
    what I do with the outside of the lense... I use a grease cutting soap, like palmolive, to clean the outside of the lense before I use the camera.
    I find that if the lense is totally clean it helps to keep the droplets from happening or staying on if they do form.
    dont over do it with the soap though, as I dont know if that soap would eventually cause the seals to fail over time.

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