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    I don't know..I can say I was one of the first stand up paddle guys in VB (4 or 5 years) and I have really never had a single problem (except one). I paddle surf one of the most aggro spots on the Easy Coast so I know the rules and abide by them but I see them broken at times by everyone out there on every type of board. I sit on my board in between lulls and let a good many waves get taken because I know I'll be next for the better waves of the sets. I treat anyone respectfully who who does the same but I don't put up with attitude in the least, thankfully my ability speaks for itself. I'll also be the first to tell a fellow paddler to leave the area if I see he's danger to everyone around him. I'm not one to spread the Aloha, I feel that's left to each of us individually to find.

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    I definitely spread some good vibes when I can and will hoot n holler for anyone that gets a good wave whether I know them or not. But, if some is being disrespectful time after time..... well, I just start dropping in on them to teach em a lesson. If you give respect you typically get it back. But, sometimes you don't and you just have to demand it.

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    Great Shirt!

    The first shirt is great! It really shows the demographic of most of the SUP population.

    You know, there is some genius behind all this who knows how to manipulate people to go out and spend a thousand dollars on a glorified long board. It's almost cultish. I would never use one to surf, because I like to actually surf, but I get cruising on one when it's flat, of course there are a lot more ways I would spend a thousand dollars before I buy a SUP.