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    Heading to Morocco this December. Just wondering if anyone has been there? If so, is there anything I should know as far as areas to check out, places to avoid, things I should bring as oppose to things I could just pick up there if the need arises (ie: surf shops)? Any help would be great. My first time to Africa and I don't personally know anyone who has been to Morocco. Thanks in advance.

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    I have a buddy that went to Morroco Jan.'09 for a month. He said it was pretty epic, not sure about spots or shops. I wish I could be more help. My one goal in traveling is to hit up SW France, NW Spain, Portugal then swing into Morroco. That would be an insane trip. Good luck

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    Don't know much about it, but I talked to a guy I met down in CR that was from England and he said it was awesome...def. a trip I'd like to make someday. Have fun! Wish I could be of more help.

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    The book sweetness and blood has a chapter about surfing morocco

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    the people on here have so much money, anyone care to donate to the super fish foundation so I can go on some sweet trips???

    It's only a nickle a day and I'll even send you a picture of myself and a hand written letter!

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    I was there a long time ago (95) doing some traveling while I studied abroad in London. Rabat is not too far from Tangiers which is the drop off point for most people coming on the ferry from Spain. There are a series of huge jetties right off Rabat and it was huge when I was there. I had no idea and no options to surf but I did see 2 people out which was surprising it was like 2xOH. I would say good luck on surf shops it is like nothing you have experienced in the US so be prepared. There may be something but I am not sure Rabat is pretty modern. You will be haggled all day long for money so best to take a "guide" early on pay them the $5 and they will shoe off the others. One of a kind experience for sure and if you can get a board you can surf for sure.

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    For a great trip through Morocco as well as guided surf tours through the Sahara desert, have a look at and surf the untouched side of Morocco!