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    You really don't see that you're doing the same thing?

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    Oh ripturbo. You're obviously the dumb one of the forum. The whole frat thing was shtick my friend. It was never hard feelings at all. The comeents I recieved were anticipated. I am in complete awe though by you calling yourself a "local heavy." Who does that, especially on an internet surf forum? You may as well get a tattoo on your forehead saying "Look at me!!! I am a giant walking douche. Literally. I am a twice used douche, walking around on two legs. Pay attention to me! Respect me!" Honestly from my experience the guys who claim local satus so adamently are the ones who aren't really that good themselves so they hide behind the rippers and act as a filmer or photog or even a hype man. Is that you turbo? Sounds to me like it is.

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    not sure how anyone took you seriously...