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    Free/cheap XL 3/2mm wetsuit needed

    Hey out there, does anyone have a wetsuit that they're no longer using? I'm new to the sport and can't afford to plunk down so much money on a board and suit just yet but am dying to get a couple more days in before the water hits freezing. Anything any of you guys could do would be most appreciated. Mike from Bellmore, LI

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    I may have what you need. I am selling an XL '11 model Body Glove Pro3 3/2mil suit. Black on black. $45.

    I am also selling an XLL '09 Hyperflex Flow 5/4/3mil black on black winter suit (with attached hood) for $40.

    I think you should purchase both. Surfing season starts in the fall in the Northeast, in my opinion. This package will allow you to choose when you want to surf instead of being ruled by the weather. Just make sure you have the best boots and gloves you can afford when it is time to wear the 5/4/3.

    Both fit me just fine. I am 6'1" and 200lbs. I can send pics if you want. The Body Glove is in very good condition and is an acceptable but not a well made suit. I tried it a few times this summer and did not like it that much. But it will give you time in the water. The HyperFlex FLOW will allow you to surf through one or two more winters if you want, but def through December. Couple threads hang from the sleeve. But this suit is warm and comfy and is very well made. I just purchased the '11 model for this winter.

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    Thanks for replying. I'll tell you, I don't know if I'll be surfing much past November so the 5/4/3 may be overkill (at this point at least). I'd be glad to take the 3/2. For now, at least that'll give me a few more months in the water. You wouldn't happen to work in Manhattan, would you? If you did then I could meet you near your work somewhere to make the trade. That would be great.

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    If you're coming into NYC tomorrow, bring the wet suit and I'll come pick it up wherever you are. The waves in Long Beach are going to be 5-8 feet high on Thursday and I'm definitely going out, wet suit or not. If anyone else has wetsuit that they want to get rid of, meet me tomorrow in the NYC. Thanks, Mike

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    I sent you a private message.

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    waves suck today

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    I have a free Quiksilver men's M cell for free, has holes in it however, and probably only useful for now and warmer waters. e-mail me You either pick up or pay postage.