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    Crooked Traction Pad

    First post here and looking for some suggestions. Just got my new stick yesterday (an expoxy proctor monsta)and put the traction pad on but it came out crooked and further over to one side by a little bit. (I can post a pic later). It is set on the tail in the correct place it is just really bugging me because it is crooked and off to the side by a little causing a gap between the two pieces of the pad. Should I take it off and get a new one or just leave it as? Thank you for the suggestions.

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    Do you really need help answering this? If it bothers you that much, then enjoy the task of removing the pad and the glue left behind and replace it. I think LeeTheStud has the right idea on this forum...

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    I'd just leave it, unless it's horrifically bad/affects your surfing. Probably not worth the trouble trying to get it off. just my opinion though

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    Those things are horrible to get off. Don't do it.

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    Forget it... it's a nightmare.

    That's why you need to lay it out with the backing on, trace a line, then peel off the backing and stick it down carefully.... ya knucklehead...

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    no need to remove it unless it f's with your head.itd make my picky a55 crazy tho.if you have to, use a paint scraper, and lighter fluid to remove the glue

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    this thread right here sums up why i don't use the damn things.

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    Hair dryer will remove it if you take your time and make sure you wear gloves of some sort.
    My daughter made the same mistake this summer. Like posted above always trace them on 1st.