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    surfer stands on back of great white shark for 4+ seconds (by accident) and lives

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    Gnarley Stuff

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    "director of the Global Shark Attack File in Princeton, N.J., told the AP such encounters are extremely rare, but not unprecedented."

    HAH the shark attack file is in princeton, NJ... they must be pretty scared of sharks to shack up over there. maybe theyre the ones who put the wannasurf page up about Atlantic Ave in camden lol

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    That is truly "shredd'n tha gnar"

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    That is some crazy ****...I'd be screaming like a girl too!

    That picture is so phony, though...i had to laugh.

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    LOL I didnt notice the littler surfer guy in the corner of the screen about to get gobbled up by whitey

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    just like all epic surf stories

    no pics, didnt happen