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    Found some junky little slop on the island again this evening. It was barely ridable, but I managed to find a few.

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    this thread is refreshing from the past two week thread fiasco.

    Nothing in terms of waves down in SNC. I miss jersey surfing

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    OC was really fun friday night and sat. morning, stopped by AI towards low on Sat., not worth the pain of driving around all the cyclists....for future reference...DE blows! it used to break, but now it's worthless.

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    AI was rideable Saturday morning. On the sloppy side, as the winds were hammering it even at first light (dark thirty), but there were some fun walls every now and then. Definitely more size than predicted. A beautiful morning to be in the water.

    Battled the bicyclists on the way out. Amazing how many there were.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retzlaff44 View Post
    Battled the bicyclists on the way out. Amazing how many there were.
    yeah, on the news they said there were about 14,000 cyclists.

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    I got there on Saturday evening at about 5:30 and there were no bikes to be found.

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    Anyone been to AI (MD side) recently and have any comments on the state of the sandbars? Feel free to PM me if you don't want to share publicly. The last several times I've been there it's been really dumpy, but it was lots of fun in the late summer/early fall. I'm wondering what those pesky bars will be up to tomorrow afternoon...