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    Surfing with music?

    I know they make waterproof ipod cases and water proof headphones, but how easy are these to use while sufing and how durable are they? Does anyone have any positive or negative experience with listening to music while surfing, i am considering trying it out.

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    I am curious as well. I have read that it is a bit muffled with water interference. But, it may be worth it. I have music I listen to for every mood and every activity. This is one that I would love to make playlists to also.

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    it would be annoying to have that on, but i think i'd surf 266.66% better and harder with my music somehow playing.

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    The only experience i've had with them, was other people not being able to hear me while im yelling to them down the line not to drop in. Pretty frustrating. Maybe it would be cooler is people only wore one earbud? It takes away a lot of the alertness you need while surfing, but whatever floats your boat.

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    i've never had any experience w/ this, positive or negative, but it seems like a pretty stupid idea to me. just another way to tune out the world around you.

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    What the he'll is better than the sound of the ocean!

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    Quote Originally Posted by njsurfer42 View Post
    just another way to tune out the world around you.
    That's one of my favorite things about surfing.... I tune out the world