transworld surf is by far my favorite.. just recent re-bought it and its as good as it ever was.. all they would really have to do is update the graphics and add some spots which would be easily done in all the next gen consoles we currently have. i gave the area because ill be staying in the middle-ish so i was just thinking roughly the same distance in either direction. its not really urgent, i wont even have my xbox with me, just thought it might be neat to show up at something that would have like-minded people assuming there would be those of you who both surf and play games. not to mention, stuff like that around where i am now usually has a ton of people, but i would guess something down in that area would be a little small turnout and might be more like hanging out than waiting in line amongst weirdos. anyway ill check out that place that hatey mchaterson. my original name was 'the joe whittle'.. didnt ever post much, uploaded a few random pictures. i couldnt remember the email/pw i used but you cant view embedded pics on this forum without being logged in, so i made a new account.