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    every game store *that has a website and not all video stores deal in console games, and of said stores, even fewer will have new releases on day 1, and fewer still will be open at midnight

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    The only joke is you defending some kid asking about video games on a surfing forum. Have fun in Alaska. And for the record there is a swell coming; check out the NOAA maps. But you're probably are a skier from PA and are more concerned with hitting the back country or running a train on Bristol Palin.

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    you're correct,though the thread title is not.i deleted my posts.I'm sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by MATT JOHNSON View Post
    As of late this place has gone down hill . I hope it starts to climb back up soon
    Sh!t threads quickly degenerate into bickering and bad vibes. Always.

    Have you noticed that the lack of substantial swell... and I'm not talking about marginally rideable windbumps... I'm talking about real heart thumping, adrenaline bolus, thick lipped, cracking SWELL... is directly proportional to the the number of sh!t threads on any surf forum?

    We're surfers. We need serious surf to restore the natural order of the world.

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    its cool beachbreak, you remind me a lot of a paranoid version of myself. no one loves trolling more than me, but at the same time thats usually because the trollees are total idiots who can never quite get the edge on you because theyre so upset that someone would do such a thing to them lol. anyway apology accepted and hey if you do this sometime im totally down to help: