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    cool/creative uses for old wetsuits

    Anyone out there do anything cool with their old wetsuits? I have a few old suits and booties etc. Don't really want to trash them, would rather put them to use another way. Any ideas?

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    Mousepads? Coasters? Pretty much anything you'd use neoprene for.

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    you got me coozies may be an option...

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    I study industrial design at Pratt institute and and most students salivate at the prospect of using neoprene for projects. It's perfect for designing backpacks and other cool junk, but mind bendingly expensive (for a student). You should totally donate them to some ID students! *wink wink*

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    If they are full size you can cut them to make shorties. I have a shorty that is worn out. I'm going to cut the sleeves off and make it a sleevless.