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    too cold for springsuit this thursday monmouth cty nj?

    i know everyone has their own preference but is a springsuit too thin now? 65 -64 seems ok i guess? or is it colder? thanks !

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    waters warm, air has been pretty cold esp if the winds blowin west. I'd rock a 3'2 full if I were you, your gona wana stay in all day but thats coming from someone whos 142 pounds so I'm sure you'll be fine in a spring

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    You mind as well get used to more rubber. Also a 3/2 is the tits! I sometimes make sweet love in a 3/2...

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    Springsuit all the way....

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    waters still warm...mid 60s... 3/2s good, airs coolin off.

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    I'm all for wearing less rubber...but the air temp and wind will go right through you this time of year.

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    I've been wearing my 3/2 the past two or three weeks...I'm usually in the water around 7AM and out before 10AM, right when the air starts to warm up. The water is definitely cooling off though.

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    lol call me what you will(kook) but on sat. morning it was super windy and freezing out so for my dp sesion i had my 3/2 and even put my hood on hahaha

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    i trunked monday morning. the whole weekend too. everyone out was laughing at me. i usually trunk up to mid october most years, but the last couple years i remember a lot of 75+ degree sunny days well into october with water ocean temperatures being in the mid to upper 60s still. last weekend i was out in trunks all weekend, and no one could believe it. the water was warm, but air was in the 60s, and it wasn't sunny out. i think i'll be putting on the 3/2 though from now on. mild to cool air temperatures, and cloudy i think my 3/2 is good for now. probably last me into november maybe december 1st if i'm lucky.

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    jesus eatswell, there no way i could even fathom that. i was cold during the upwelling of irene. i think we are seeing the last of the warm days though