i figure if i can take a dip in 65 degree water, and most others can too then why not surf in trunks? my general rule for board shorts is 65 degree water or higher. that's only if the air temperature is that or higher, and sunny when it's still in the 60s. i broke my own rule this weekend, and the other morning. couldn't have been much higher than 64 degree air temperature, and overcast cloudy skies. i remember when i lived in cape may in october 08 i think it was, everybody was surfing in trunks. that was probably this week back in 08. no earlier than mid october. highs were upper 70s, and breaking 80 that whole week. i've been to southern california in august. just this past summer i got in the water there, and it's a big difference from the mid atlantic. a lot cooler. people were able to swim in that! i was thinking to myself ''man back home most people wouldn't even go further than ankle deep in this water to swim with this temperature''.

i think the warm days are numbered though. i'm really starting to get f'ing pissed at it being 60 degrees out, and the temperature in my house is 82 degrees. i feel like i'm gonna die right now, and sweating, and real gross. i love the warm weather, but damn why the hell should i have to put my ac on if the temperature outside is 57 degrees?