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    Old Bill Frierson WRV Longboard

    So I just picked up an old WRV longboard, which I'm guessing was shaped by Bill Frierson. It's pretty beat up but I'm planning to fix it up so it's at least rideable. I've been trying to date it but they couldn't help me at WRV and I haven't gotten ahold of anyone at the number listed on Bill Frierson's website yet, either. Anyone have any familiarity with a board like this? The serial # is 89208JGR, by the way.
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    My guess would be late 80's, early 90's.

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    1989...first 2 numbers were the year. Don't recognize the last initials but Bill signed the blank.

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    Frierson shaped my 'goto" longboard in '92. Seems like a decent guy, great quality - my longboard came off the car at 80 mph and survived, so i had him shape a nice 7'6 when I hit 40. Fix that old puppy up and have fun!

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    Nice find.. I had a couple old ones that I sold last year.

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    Thanks everyone. I was thinking 80's, but wasn't sure. I was barely around then. I guess that would make sense with the serial number/date. Upon second look, it may be 892085GR or 89208SGR, I can't fully tell. It's probably going to take a while to fix, but it'll definitely get ridden at some point. I'm pretty stoked on it right now. Again, thanks.