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    Surfboards For Sale!!

    1. 5'6" Slug by Super, board is in great condition w/ a couple heal dings, comes with FCS PG-5. SOLD

    2. 6'2" Vintage Bahne Single Fin, Sea Foam Color, decent condition w/ original fin $200 obo

    3. 5'10" Xanadu X21 Performance Shortboard, Board is in good condition, heal dings on deck, SOLD

    4. 8'4" Vintage Skip Frye Semi Hull, good condition, one of only a handful ever made under the Underground Unlimited Label. $425 obo

    5. 5'2" Mini Simmons locally shaped, great condition made with Bio-Foam $235 obo

    6. 7'6" Firewire Advance, Excellent Condition barely ridden, SOLD

    PM me for any questions or to see pics!
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    Advance is Sold!

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    do you have any pics of the single fin? where are you located?

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    I will grab some pics of it tomorrow and I am located in Lewes, DE

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    still have the single fin? pictures maybe?

  8. Single Fin is still available, had pics on my iphone, but just got a new phone so I will have to retake pics. Its definitely a rider, has some old repairs. Was going to redo all the repairs and make it look really nice, but other people's boards take priority.

  9. Bump up! Any takers? Prices have been reduced!
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    Single fin pics