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    Wipeouts (Head High - 1-3 Over)

    Ok guys, I've been surfing just under 2 years and I wish after some big days someone could come up to me and say wow that wave was a ...... high wave, so I knew where my comfort level is at. Chest Shoulder I'm fine in, occasional Head maybe, but I really want to paddle out and catch bigger waves (and get my first tube lol) but at the same time respect the ocean and more importantly the other surfers out there.

    So, my question: Are the wipeouts from Shoulder high --to-- Head/1-3 Over really that much worse? Or pretty much the same?

    Describe if you would not your worst wipeout on these days but an average wipeout on a 1-3 over head high in comparison to a shoulder.

    Many thanks!

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    well ability plays a role obviously but when you think about the east coast, you're surfing relatively small waves over sand, chances are you aren't going to drown (not to say the wrong person couldn't get themselves in trouble)

    i think if you're surfing shoulder high you'd be fine in overhead. i mean contrary to how i'm feeling during the wipeout, i'm not sure if i've ever gotten to the beach and thought "wow i almost didn't make it"

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    Hey A-Frame you are a puss. Just charge it and let your balls hang out. It always helps when you are charging the wave to scream, "Together forever".

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    helpful post there, DiceMan.

    You will probably be fine if you're surfing in shoulder - head high stuff now. For me, the wipeout itself isn't usually the worst's taking the remaining waves in the set on the head that sucks. As long as you're in good shape and a strong swimmer, you shouldn't have a problem handling wipeouts on slightly larger waves than you're currently surfing. Just stay calm and don't fight it. You'll come up eventually

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    Depends on the swell and the spot your surfing I have gotten absolutly destroyed on some shoulder-head high days draining beach break yet have surfed up to 2x oh waves that were non threatening.

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    Making a brief cameo to endorse this message

    Quote Originally Posted by DiceMan View Post
    Hey A-Frame you are a puss. Just charge it and let your balls hang out. It always helps when you are charging the wave to scream, "Together forever".

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    its not about the wipeout, its about keeping yourself out of harms way - either out of another surfers way, or avoid being pounded into a jetty or a pier. You have to be aware when you have no control of where you are in the water and might be putting yourself at risk

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    Lee you're back!

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    overhead wipeouts in the winter are no fun. i'll tell you that..

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    too many factors to give you reasonable answer. the most important is what is breaking over and how long the swell period is. I'll tell you head high at 18+ seconds will keep you down for quite a while. ON the other hand, head high at 7 seconds will barely put your head under. Second, beachbreaks and reefs break different thus have different hold downs. Some reefs you can stand up while taking it on the head (SUCKS). Worst wipeout I had by far was a 2 wave hold down at Hermosa, CR in only double overhead surf. Best thing you can do is charge a hurricane swell in the morning while its macking and as it fades gain some comfort. The real only way to charge bigger surf its to wipeout and Paddle back out and do it again.
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