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    Best large cities for surfers?

    A lot of careers, including almost everything I'd be qualified to do, pretty much require you to be in a larger city. So my question is: Which cities have the combination of a good job market/economy and waves close by? Seems like for East Coast folks, it's pretty much just Philly or NYC. What about elsewhere? Obviously there are some good choices on the West Coast, but what about other countries?

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    The boston area is also an have RI and NH that are pretty close (hour drive), the cape if you are willing to drive a bit longer and some closer but not as consistent breaks to the north and south of the city. Plus you can't go wrong with the oodles of bars and college ladies for the weekends it is flat.

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    With a lot of can surf really close to Boston too. Further up from there... Halifax, NS.

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    you ever been up to halifax brek? been wanting to get up there at some point

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    I have... it was the middle of summer so the surf was anything but epic. Super cool place to visit though.

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    I lived in San Salvador, El Salvador during 2004. It's only about 45 minutes to an hour from some great surf! Not necessarily the safest place to be these days, though...

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    West Coast is obviously a different story then the east coast with SoCal having San Diego and LA all right on the coast or San Francisco up the coast.

    There is a reason why so many surfers travel from the DC, Philly metro areas, because, like you said, there aren't as many professional sectors along the coastal areas. Central New Jersey Shore area around Monmouth County is a little different, because you are relatively close to NYC and you get some spill over industry around there.

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    Florida has lots of cities with good surf. Also, Waikiki is obviously amazing. LIke the others said, the northeast has major cities with waves. If you got the dough to transfer and move, go big or go home. Hawaii has the best waves bro, up and down the island. Florida (east coast obviously) also has very consistant breaks.

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    what kind of work do you do? San Fransisco is a great place with awesome surf almost everyday. there is a good number of cities in California and there is almost always good surf, so i would start there

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    Portland, OR is a great city with lots of opportunities, as well as being a stone's throw from some great breaks.