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    Pee in your suit dumby! When that doesnt warm you; rub the blubber of a dead seal on your taint. Works like a charm!

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    brass monkey looking for his 'nads.....

    Quote Originally Posted by zach619 View Post
    Yeah. San Diego has not gotten warm water in 3 years. It maxed out a 68-69 the past two summer, which to me is 3 mil country. Its still not warm... Then in the winter, when you are out in deep ass water on the cliffs and the water is 56- 57 degrees, yes I am absolutely in a 4 mil...

    Thats just me though.... I also didnt trunk it at all this summer. 2 and 3 mil in august.
    i hear ya man. up north we got no higher than 68 or so and it has been mostly low 60's all summer. this morning with the cold wind it was worse out of the water than in....