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Thread: Gloves

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    Go with the claws

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    tommrow am air temps are going to be in the 30s. is that worthy of boots hood and gloves. or is that overboard

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    I have a pair of 5 mil Quiksilver Cyphers and they keep my hands plenty warm. Cuffs are easier to use than the Drylocks and they are sealed well. Hands do get wet but in 40* water all 5 fingers stayed warm for about an hour and a half. My hands stay warmer than my split toe Drylock boots do, my big toe freezes in those things once the water is below 45*, f$%k im getting cold thinking about this crap, surfing in a 3/2 down in VB still so dont want to think about that crap yet.

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    kinda going off topic but what do you guys recomend in the way of boots?

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    For winter I've been wearing my 5 ml Excels for the past two seasons. No doubt the warmest part of my body. A little hard to get off though at the end of a session. this time of year the 3 mls have been fine. love having some grip when the air is cold. Last weekend was the last time for boardies.

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    I use hyperflex 5mm and although the will break quickly, even with the small holes in them they have been more than fine on the coldest days, cost like 20 bucks . They are pretty thick. I don't think 7mm is needed, 5mm are fine. for NJ winters.

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    Invest in a cap, for these days when air is cold but not water. Keeps the ears and head warm but won't be sweaty and gross.

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    I agree with A-frame... I'm fine in 5mm gloves and boots during the coldest months. Just take care of them, and they'll take care of you.

    And those goofy looking squid lids are great for cold air and warm water... as stated.

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    This is gonna sound funny coming from me but Dont buy Hyperflex gloves I got 2 sets and they both leaked on the first session. I got Drylocks last year and I love them . They take some time getting use to the on and off but They seal nice

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    gloves- hyperflex 6m mittens only 20 bucks and hands are toasttty
    boots- 7mil O'Neil heat series super comfy and warm cant beat them