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    6'-2" to 6'-4" (150 - 180 lb) Webber afterburner SLX. Lots of pop, flat enough, but rides the steeps quite nicely. Second option is my trusty 6'-9" rounded pin! Can't beat it for getting in early on those cold winter days. Tomorrow looking sweet for all you south and east facing folks!!!

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    Need 2 boards; seasonal

    My opinion is you need two boards, one for every season and another for the summer. The east is similar to other areas that has variable surf. Summer knee bangers require a longboard to keep a smile on your face. Fun to log with friends. An all around, wider board such as The Rocket works well in any season. However, I prefer my stealth for an all-around board because it works in waist high to overhead waves. The rocket starts to drift in head high waves because of the wide tail.

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    I agree with the fish. I have a 6'4" Matt Kechele stub fish that works great in basically all conditions. It's a few years old and is showing some signs of use, so I think i'll have to contact mr. kechele and get another made with the exact specs as this one. True love.

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    lost rocket

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    I think you get away with a one board quiver although that board wont last very long. I think you need a two board quiver as well. One for warmer water small wave fun and one that has enough volume to float you in full rubber but can be used as a good wave board in fall as well.
    I recommend the Tommy Moore Slop Rod for waist high and under (although its really fun in head high raked out crumbly walls) and for stomach high to 1 -2 foot overhead the TOmmy Moore S.i.D. Vicous. The S.i.D. stands for "Step it Down" its Tommy's Viscous shortboard model with a wider outline, but a defined hip near the tail to reduce the tail size so the tail is more high performance shortboard but the outline helps carry a bit more voume than a typical HPSB.
    If you had to only have one I guess the hybrid shorboard thing would work a Tommy Moore Tweaker would work.

    Slop Rod


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    I agree totally with the three board quiver. If just one board however it would be my 7'7 fish hybrid. Do all board.
    Quote Originally Posted by DaMook View Post
    impossible to have one board.

    You need at least three to surf all the time. A longboard for anything, a thruster for steep walled breaks, and a fish for everything in between.

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    Damook has been quoted...

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    My Al Merrick 6' fishcut is da bomb...rode like a champ in 6 - 10 ft Pavonnes this summer and and rocks on Southern North Carolina/Northern South Carolina ankle high to waist high mush. Makes you feel like a million bucks on ghetto waves!!! Go out and get one!!!!!