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    i agree about the fraud associated with it. i hate al gore. i know a good amount of surfers are into the environmental movement. i'm not, but if they are that's cool with me. i love the ocean, and that's about it. do i believe in climate change? maybe to a point i might believe in it. a friend was showing me a report he did on it in high school, and how factory farming causes more damage to the environment than all the cars, planes, trains, and ships combined, and that a bicycle riding meat eater is doing more harm than a vegan who drives a hummer. he was a car enthusiasts as am i, so he actually was doing the report to see if his driving was affecting it, and to prove people wrong it wasn't. he's by no means an environmentalist or a vegan. al gore loves to eat meat too. i saw that old man ed begley jr do some thing about how his water use is killing the environment, and how he regulates his wife's showers to 5 minutes, and his are only 2. i loved that what a dumbo.

    i can't stand the epa. they do more harm than good. with all the pollutants in the air it makes sense that it can hurt the planet. the report i read was talking about methane from cow farts is really causing it, and when they're raised for beef, and filled with food to be large when they are killed. this is no joke. i like that approach more than my car or shower killing it.

    guess what though? i'm not gonna stop eating meat, i'm not gonna go around with nasty smelling balls, i'm not gonna drive any less, i'm not gonna put the emissions back on my cars either. the epa sucks, all these regulations especially from president odumbo are useless. i saw something late night on the whether channel a few weeks ago. actually a few months ago. had a panel of people. they had to be plants. there were three questions. they were

    would you be willing to pay more for electric bills if it was made with clean energy?

    would you mind if a windmill was built in your neighborhood?

    would you be willing to pay a dollar more per gallon of gas if you knew it was made with clean energy?

    almost everyone said they're be willing to pay more for energy, and the same for not minding a windmill in their neighborhood. i think still just over 50 percent said they'd be willing to pay a dollar more a gallon if made with clean energy. i say screw that.

    regardless of what i think, and if the argument holds water i can't stand all this regulation against it. i'll probably be in the minority though.
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