This site is not associated with "Grain" surfboards but it is a forum where you will be able to learn everything baout building hollow wooden boards. I am currently on my 5th build. I use cedar since paulownia is extremely hard to get where i live. I say forget buying any type of kit. If you have a table saw just buy raw lumber and mill your own strips. You will alsp need a jig saw to cut out your spine and rib templates. There are also other ways to uild these which you will find on the site. Tat website is a must read for anyone looking to get into building wooden boards. A board typically costs me about $150 to make but i do everything from scratch. If you want to buy prefab pieces you will pay a premium. I find half the fun is creating the board 99% yourself so you are truly riding a one of a kind board. You can download AKU shaper and use Jadali's hollow board template maker to create your own board template and design. This way you control everything.