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    FREE Wetsuit Booties Gloves for Deserving Grom

    Hey everyone,

    I've been coming to Swellinfo for some time but never registered for an account. I finally found a reason to join. Going through some of my old gear, I realized I have a full winter gear set that has just been sitting and collecting dust. I figured I would pass the stoke on to a deserving young grom.

    I have a Xcel Infiniti series 5/4/3 with attached hood. Not sure the exact size but I would guess a size Small. Might be a size extra small but I doubt it.

    Booties 7mm Rip Curl Booties probably around a size 8.

    Rip Curl Gloves I think that they are 5mm size small.

    Hopefully there is someone out there that this will benefit for the winter months for a couple of years to come. They are all in pretty good condition. If you have a kid that will use it, or know someone that you might be able to gift it to, please let me know.

    I can be contacted at or reached at 215 262 0946. They can be picked up in Washington Crossing PA 18977, or arranged to be picked up one day I'm down surfing Jersey (usually a little north or south of Belmar). I will also ship them semi local if the shipping is paid for via my paypal.

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