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    Unhappy monmouth county nov.3

    just wanted to post my experience this morning and see if anyone had similar. got up 6am drove 1/2 hour to beach expecting solid clean swell and found 3 ft close outs. drove around for an hour (all in monmouth county) and found it smaller and not so clean. figured it wasnt worth wasting a sick day so i went to work. Not at all what the forecast was calling for.

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    I was going to skip 2 classes today-- drove to assateague, saw DUMPING closeouts and turned around. It's a shame these bars can't hold up this swell without dumping. I'm hoping tomorrow's at least fun with a slightly smaller size.

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    VB was saaweeeet.

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    Same thing happened to me yesterday. The size was there in some places but the direction of the swell was not good for most of Monmouth. Should have gone South.

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    agree. size was not shoulder to head, and it was not that clean. bummer.

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    took a half day. wasted it. should have held on to it......

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    I was in Monmouth County this morning, nov 3. I thought that there was size if you waited--some overhead waves. But, at the places I went, the bottom wasn't good. It went from deep water to shallow very abruptly, so it was dumping kind of hard. And the swell and wind direction weren't great either. I left after an hour and went back to work. (On a side note, yesterday at Rockaway NY was very good.)

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    i got shoulder to head high. very long wait and in 3 hours there was one non-closeout

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    umm...not at all my experience today...took the day off work, hit seaside & pretty much scored the best surf i've seen since the katia swell in early september. shoulder high-head high + on some sets. solid day & very glad i bailed on work!

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    I heard SeaSide was pretty big and nice. But Monmouth was disappointing for the second day in a row... Not to say there weren't some waves but a lotta closeouts