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    end of oct beginning of nov trip

    Heading over at the end of oct/beginning of nov. Where's a cheap place to stay, near or on the beach, that has the quickest access to the best breaks? I'll only be there 5 days so I dont want to do much traveling but do want to surf different spots. Focusing on central to southern to be in the warmest water possible.
    Any advice?

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    End of Oct, Beginning of should be in for some fun surf...

    Cocoa Beach south of the pier and north of Second Light has lots of cheap surf hotels/motels and varying breaks, there are a lot of people to talk to that can send you in the right direction.

    Sebastian Inlet is definately a stop. For Cocoa and Sebastian you will probably want a 1/2 mil Shorty.

    Next hit between Ft Pierce and Jupiter. The further south you head the more it will cost to stay near the beach.

    Further south just a 1 mil top for the wind...

    Reef Road, Palm Beach, Lantana, Delray, Boca, Deerfield and Pompano are your options further south. There are plenty of cams and keep checking is quite accurate, except the summer months seem to throw it off a bit.

    Be safe.

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    Stop at juno. Pretty cool place

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    OldestGrom is right..between Ft Pierce and Jupiter was fun with Katia..It did close out some though..As much as I like to be covered up and spit out..being trapped in a keg the size of my 4 runner is still fun to me..

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    If you go to Miami go to a place called OverTown. It's just west of Biscayne BLVD. conveniently located in between the airport and the beach. It has a bunch of cheap places to stay and the nightlife is unbelievable!!