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    Nixon Lodown watch

    Hey guys just got a couple Nixon Lodown Tide watches from friends, the problem is they have no batteries and my buddies weren't sure what they take. I know I could send them to Nixon and have them replaced but that's expensive and I'm in college. Would be super stoked if anyone had any idea what battery they take.

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    Probably just a standard watch battery, I actually have the same watch. If you don't wanna send it to them you can always just call and ask them what battery.

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    Changing the battery yourself voids any waterproof warranty with Nixon.

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    be careful i just had to replace my battery on my housing by nixon and the place i took it said it has to be pressure tested

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    i changed the battery on my girls without a problem. you need a super small phillips head to take it apart, take the battery with you to a radio shack or something similar and match it up. its a buck or two.

    if you are not confident taking it apart, take it to a jewelry store and they will do it for 5or ten bucks. yes you can send to Nixon too..