Hi guys, I am currently wearing a 3/2 Billabong wetsuit but am looking to buy a thicker one for as the winter wears on. I am looking at the 5/4/3 Billabong Solution Gold w/ Hood from this site:


but have two questions:

1. On the same site, that offer the Billabong gold in 6/5/4 thickness and it is only 10 bucks more than the 5/4/3. Would the 5/4/3 keep me warm through the winter or would I be better off getting the 6/5/4? I would like whichever I buy and my 3/2 to be my only suits to get me through year round.
2. Second, any gripes on the Solution Gold suits? My 3/2 is awesome but didn't know if anyone else had any horror stories. Thanks.