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    oof. holy moly. did ya have full recovery?

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    yeah pretty much. My wife (girlfriend at the time) is a chirporactor! I've lost some range of motion and I know when its going to rain/snow.

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    OJ out the nose on that one dmonster, thank you. Numerous dings to the head, and a fin in the armpit. Did not cut the wetsuit but gashed the armpit pretty good.
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    Smashed my head on my desk resulting in a severe concussion from members not using the search function before creating a thread.

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    broken nose when i was just a grom, some stitchs to my calf from fin puncture....numerous occasions of a damaged ego whiffing on the takeoff on the wave of the set while all the boys are watching...

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    About 20 years ago I was surfing the inlet jetty in OC MD and some douche dropped in on me, turned towards me, ran over my foot and then headed back down the line taking a chunk of my big toe with him. No stitches or anything (probably could have used some), but I've still got a nice scar.

    I was a grom at the time and the guy who dropped in was probably in his late 20s/early 30s, and I remember thinking, "You wonder why so many groms drop in? Because this is the example you set."

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    worst injury while surfing

    2010 sept swell tore my bicep tendon and rotator cuff had surgery in jan and april they had to knock me out again to break up the scar tissue. PT till august 2011 still hard to paddle but it's getting better.

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    ate **** and hyper extended my neck hurricane earl last year.

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    Fin across the inside of ankle and up leg, bled like hell, still got the scar.

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    Lifeguard longboard fin ran over my leg calf muscle rolled up my leg into a ball.

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    My best friend & I collided in 2-3ft shorebreak. Nose of his board opened a tennis ball size hole to the bone in my upper arm. Year later, same friend, same shorebreak, drove his own fin about half way through his thigh from the bottom up. Worst was my brother's friend- drove the nose of his board through his mouth & out his cheek. My brother got a Potugese Man of War's tentacles wrapped from above his elbow to his wrist. Two of us pulled a surfer out of the water that had apperently been knocked out (3-4 ft average day). My friend paddled up to his board, anchored fin up with this guy underneath on the leash- sadly he drowned.