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    Its a 2 dr soft and I already slide them into the passenger seat ( 7'6" and 9'6") when I am solo, but for some strange reason, female passengers dont always like to ride in the back seat. I tell them they are getthing the limo treatment, but they rarely buy it.

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    well, you could try to slide them in behind the drivers seat but angle them out the back toward that passenger side. the 9 6 might stick out pretty far though. If you don't want to do that then I think you need to look at safari type cage racks. i think you might be able to find one that bolts to the rear taillight mounts and the window hinge but its been a long time since I shopped them. quadratec has a great chat feature so they should be able to get your something.

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    As long as you have no passengers in the back seat, you can fit all kinds of boards in through the back soft top window. I managed to haul my 8'8", 7'6" and a 6'3" back from Nags head in my wife's TJ with plenty of room for other stuff in the back seat.

    If you were close to Va beach I'd offer to build you a custom one to fit your needs and tie into the stock bumper. I'll be building one for my wife's TJ this comming spring anyways.
    Hey. I live on Eastern Shore. What kind of rack? Would love one!


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    I live on eastern shore MD. What kind of custom? I have long and short boards.