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    Surfers are good people

    I was driving out to Ocean City from Salisbury today to catch a few waves just before dark. I ran out of gas on the side of the highway, and me and my buds were trying to push it 2 miles to the nearest gas station.... After pushing it 1.6 miles and having tons of people, including 2 cop cars, fly by and not caring to stop, I finally heard a car toot his horn behind me. It was a fellow surfer. he said he saw the boards on top of my car and knew he wanted to help us out even though he'd never met us before. He drove us to the closest gas station to get a gallon of gas and then dropped us off back at my car... I made it to the beach just in time to catch a sick left right before it was too dark to see any more. What a good guy. It's cool that despite how aggravated we get at one another in the water sometimes, at the end of the day, there's still a common thread that tbonds together the community of surfers... And sometimes just knowing that someone is a fellow surfer is enough to make u want to stop and help them out. Not many other people can say that about their sport/ hobby

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    I rode past. I wanted to stop but i figured that with you guys stuck on the shoulder i could get more waves. Nah im playing I would said jump in and beat the sun, and then worry about the gas for the car. haha

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    glad someone helped, but it sucks that it took so long for someone to stop...

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    while surfers get a bad rep media and movie wise, and how it gets vicious in the line up sometimes and even during wave check, I still have yet to come across a nicer group of people in my short 19 years.