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    Firewire Dominator Fin Selection

    Just got a 5\"8 dominator - any recommendations for a 5 fin future set? most likely will ride as a thruster most of the time, but want to have options!

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    I bought the V2 QF4 Quads and love em, I just use an older future fin for the back fin when I want a thruster tho.
    If I had the time to wait in the mail I'd buy the Rusty R1 5-Fin so you can switch from quad to thruster with the same set of fins.. I was in a rush to get a quad set for Irene so I just went to the shop the day before the hurricane hit and bought em.

    I duno if my Dominator malfunctioned or I just got skunked with a crap board but I already blew out 2 fin boxes and only rode it about 20 times. I guess, get out of the water with care and don't let those fins scratch the sand is what I'm saying